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Coating Technology

Corrosion resistance of fasteners varies depending on weather, environment, application and many other factors. No single coating can cater to all applications. That is why at Engineering Edge, we have a huge range of coating options for various product ranges. Regardless the coating type, our expert engineers are ready to advise a set of tried and tested coating options [...]

Creating the Coating Technology Edge

Little attention is paid to fasteners simply its cost takes up a negligible proportion of the entire project. On the same note, it is these neglected components that creates the most problems in any engineering designs. It is our objective to produce fasteners /stud bolts that are mechanically sound, reliable, affordable and with superior corrosion resistance coating of CORROSHIELD® [...]

Engineering Edge Vietnam cung cấp stud bolts cho Petrovietnam Gas Corp

Engineering Edge Vietnam đã sản xuất và cung cấp cho Công ty Dịch Vụ Khí (thuộc Tổng Công ty khí Việt Nam) các sản phẩm  stud bolt theo tiêu chẩn ASTM phục vụ các dự án của PV Gas. Bao gồm –  Stud bolt ASTM A320 L7 / ASTM A194 Gr7, Corroshield ® PTFE coating –  Stud bolt ASTM A193 Gr B7 [...]